Cyber Forensics Developments In India 2014

Praveen Dalal-Managing Partner Of Perry4Law And CEO Of PTLBPerry4Law Organisation (P4LO) and Cyber Forensics Research Centre of India (CFRCI) have already provided the Cyber Forensics Trends and Developments in India 2013 (PDF) and Cyber Forensics Trends and Developments in India 2014- Part I. In this work, P4LO and CFRCI would be discussing the Cyber Forensics Development of India 2014.

Indian Cyber Forensics Developments 2014 are as follows:

(1) Cyber Capabilities: The need to develop Cyber Crimes and Cyber Forensics Capabilities of India was felt in the year 2013 and the same continued in the year 2014 as well. However, both Cyber Crimes Investigations in India and Cyber Forensics Capabilities were not up to the mark in 2014. Nevertheless, it was felt by various stakeholders that Cyber Crime Investigation Trainings in India is urgently needed. Indian Government has also reiterated that a Cyber Crimes Prevention Strategy of India may be formulated very soon.

(2) Cyber Forensics Best Practices: P4LO and CFRCI recommended formulation of Cyber Forensics Best Practices in India in 2014. We also recommended formulation of dedicated Laws for Cyber Forensics in India. However, “Legislative Deficiencies” remained intact in 2014 as far as Cyber Forensics in concerned.

(3) E-Discovery: E-Discovery in India is another area that espoused interest among various stakeholders. However, E-Discovery Legal Issues in India are still missing till the end of 2014. Both Cyber Forensics and E-Discovery deserve separate and dedicated Laws that must be enacted in the year 2015.

(4) Police Modernisation: Modernisation of Police Force of India was on “Priority List” of Indian Government. Delhi Police has taken many significant technology oriented steps to ensure easy “Public Access” of Delhi Police’s Services to Delhi’s Citizens. Similarly, many States of India are in the process of establishing Online Systems where First Information Reports (FIRs) can be filed and accessed through Internet. Training of Police Officers of different States was also undertaken on a “Regular Basis” throughout the India in 2014 and the same would be continued in the year 2015 as well.

(5) Social Media: Investigation of Social Media Websites in India was a “Major Challenge” before Indian Government in the year 2014. Social Networking Law for India has always been a controversial topic. Even the Congress Government was in favour of having a Law for Social Media in India. The Home Ministry of India also expressed its intention to take legal actions against those posting “Objectionable Contents” on Social Media Websites and having adverse impact upon Indian Society or Law and Order.

We hope our readers and various stakeholders would find this Second Part of the Cyber Forensics Developments in India 2014 useful.

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