Social Media

Social media is an important contact and networking point in the present technology led era. Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) is also managing few techno legal social media platforms and accounts. For general information about P4LO, please see the page titled About P4LO.

The social media accounts of P4LO and its techno legal segments are as follows:

(A) Facebook

(1) Geeta Dalal-

(2) E Courts 4 Justice (EC4J)-

(3) Perry4Law, An Exclusive Techno-Legal Corporate, IP & ICT Law Firm-

(4) Perry4Law’s Techno-Legal Base – PTLB-

(5) Resolve Without Litigation – RWL-

(6) PTLB-

(B) Linkedin

(1) Perry4Law-

(2) ECourts4Justice – EC4J-—ec4j

(3) Resolve Without Litigation (RWL)-

(4) PTLB India-

(5) Praveen Dalal-

(6) Geeta Dalal-

You may also be interested in our LinkedIn Discussion Group like Cyber Security Research Centre Of India (CSRCI), Intelligence Agencies And Law Enforcement Technology In India, National Cyber Security Database of India (NCSDI), Techno Legal Centre Of Excellence For Cyber Forensics In India (TLCECFI), Techno Legal Think Tank of India, Websites, Blogs And News Censorship By Google And India, etc.

(C) Twitter

(1) B Singh-

(2) Geeta Dalal-

(3) Praveen Dalal-

(4) Perry4Law-

(5) E Courts 4 Justice (EC4J)-


(7) IPR Helpdesk India-

(8) PTLB-


(10) CCICI-

We would update this list from time to time. Please bookmark this page for complete information about Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) and its techno legal works, projects, initiatives, etc.