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PRAVEEN DALAL MANAGING PARTNER OF PERRY4LAW CEO PTLBThere are many “Criminal Activities” undergoing in India pertaining to Organ Transplantation by the Organ Transplantation Mafia. The Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994 is the main Law that Prohibits and Punishes “illegal and Commercial” Organ Transplantations in India.

Subsequently the Transplantation of Human Organs (Amendment) Bill, 2009 was introduced by Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and the same was passed by the Lok Sabha. The 2009 Bill intended to prescribe tough punishment for violators of the Act. However, till now it has not become an “Applicable Law”.

Similarly, the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Rules, 2013 has been recently framed by Indian Government and “Public Comments” have been invited for the same.

The 1994 Act provide for the Regulation of Removal, Storage and Transplantation of Human Organs for Therapeutic Purposes and for the Prevention of Commercial Dealings in Human Organs and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Meanwhile, Deaths due to “Clinical Trials of Experimental Drugs” continued in India. Perturbed by these Deaths, the Supreme Court of India asked Indian Government to Monitor and Regulate all Clinical Trials of Experimental Drugs in India.

On the Commercial front, Online Pharmacies in India are Violating Indian Laws and some talks about bringing these Online Pharmacies of India under Scrutiny are underway. The Bar-Coding of Primary Level Packaging of Export Consignment of Pharmaceuticals and Drugs has also been “Deferred by India”.

A “Positive Development” in this regard also took place where Novartis lost the Patent Claims of Novartis AG’s Cancer Treatment Drug Glivec in Supreme Court of India. The court duly considered the aspects like Doha Declaration, TRIPS Agreement, Public Health and Public Interest, Compulsory License Requirements, etc.

 I really appreciate the “Efforts” of Indian Government and Indian Supreme Court to regulate Illegal and Commercial Medial Practices in India. However, I also have an “Appeal” to make to our “Elected Representatives”. I wish to draw their attention to the news report that Claims that a Birmingham Schoolgirl has been “Murdered” in bid to Harvest her Organs.

The report claims that this “Gruesome Act” was committed by the Health Workers in India in a failed attempt to harvest her organs. The unfortunate Child was being treated for a simple case of Dehydration when staff at a Clinic gave her a “Mystery Injection” which took her life. But her relatives guarded the eight-year-old’s body so that her Organs could not be taken in time to be used in Transplant Operations.

They claimed she was subjected to a “Medieval” Post-Mortem Examination during which all her “Major Organs” were “Removed” in a bid to hide the truth of how she had been killed. The deceased family said that the Indian Police and Medical Authorities made little attempt to “Investigate the Death”. They said they only discovered her organs had been taken when her body was flown home to the UK. Only her eyes remained, they said.

The Child’s mother explained the scene as follows: “Gurkiren was fine, she was chatting to us and planned to buy some gifts for her cousins.  While we were talking an assistant came up carrying a pre-filled syringe and reached for the tube in her hand.  I asked what was the injection for, but he gave me a blank look and injected the liquid into her. Within a split-second Gurkiren’s head flipped back, her eyes rolled in her head, and the colour completely drained from her. I knew they had killed her on the spot. I knew my innocent child had been murdered.”

Her family said she was taken to a clinic in Punjab after being sick, but was placed on a drip after blood tests revealed she was free of infection. Under pressure to help the schoolgirl after the injection was given, medics transferred her to a nearby hospital but she could not be saved. Amrit, who was on the trip with her postal worker husband Santokh Singh Loyal and 17-year-old son Simran, claimed Gurkiren’s medical records were disposed of and the family was not asked to pay for the blood tests, drip or the injection she received.

Police took a “Statement” but the family said they obtained no evidence that Gurkiren’s death was “Investigated”. Worse still, Amrit said she was told a post-mortem examination would be required in India before her daughter’s body could be returned to the UK.

The Mother also informed: “They said they would use a “Hammer and Chisel” to open her. I demanded a more dignified, discreet examination. Eventually, having kept watch over Gurkiren’s body to prevent evidence being destroyed, they were given assurances that a respectful autopsy would be carried out. But, returning to the mortuary, they found her daughter’s bloodstained and ripped clothes by an incinerator and that the post-mortem examination had been carried out by a non-qualified junior. It was medieval”.

After chasing up death certificates, they had  Gurkiren’s body flown home and a UK post-mortem examination was ordered. But the Mother said their hopes of finding out what was given to their Gaughter were shattered in a call from Birmingham coroner Aidan Cotter.

The Mother informed: “He said it was impossible to come to a conclusion for the cause of death. They had nothing to work from; she had no organs in her body for them to take samples.  I was mortified that all the pleading in India had no effect. There was no sensitivity, no humanity”.

Anyone wanting to support the campaign should email narinderkaur.kooner@birmingham.gov.uk. I also request all readers to mail our own Government to Investigate and take “Strict Penal Action” against all “Culprits” after following the Due Procedure. The matter is “Very Sensitive” and it deserves “Urgent Attention” of our Government. After all, it is not the “Political Cause” that should be the “Prerequisite” to help the Parents of the child who have undergone tremendous Trauma and Mental Agony due to this entire episode.

I have mailed a copy of this Article along with the original Media Report to our Government and I hope that our “Elected Representatives” would “Take Immediate Action” in this regard.

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