• Thursday, January 26th, 2017

IoT And Smart Cities Forum Of India

Internet of things (IoT) and smart cities are two of the most contemporary technology developments around the world. India has embraced both these concepts with warmth and enthusiasm. Nevertheless, we at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) have felt that there is little research material built around the concepts of IoT and smart cities in India. This is more so regarding techno legal research materials for IoT and smart cities in India.

We have already launched the Smart Cities Cyber Security in India Daily, Techno Legal Centre of Excellence for Internet of Things (IoT) in India (TLCOEIOT), etc to cover IoT and smart cities related issues of India and other jurisdictions. The Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security Research and Development in India (CECSRDI) and Centre of Excellence for Digital India Laws and Regulations in India (CEDILRI) would also extend their techno legal expertise in this regard.

In order to further expand the techno legal resource centre of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) in the fields of IoT and smart cities, we have also launched a dedicated and exclusive techno legal IoT and Smart Cities Forum of India. It is a goldmine for national and international IoT and smart cities stakeholders as it is covering all possible techno legal issues of IoT and smart cities at a single place.

The IoT and smart cities forum of India is covering areas like cyber law, privacy, data protection, cyber security, cyber forensics, e-discovery, techno legal regulatory compliances for IoT and smart cities entrepreneurs, cyber law due diligence compliances, cloud computing, open source software and hardware, etc as applicable to national and international IoT and smart cities stakeholders.

IoT would be used for virtually everything in the near future making them vulnerable to cyber attacks. Data theft, identity theft, cyber crimes and cyber attacks would be normal and privacy protection would be a serious challenge. IoT would also be connected to cloud computing infrastructures raising further privacy and data protection issues. All these issues have already been covered at the IoT and smart cities forum of India.

To make the discussion even more comprehensive, we have also launched another discussion forum known as PTLB LPO Discussion Forum. The LPO Discussion Forum is serving twin purposes of spreading awareness about techno legal regulatory compliances of IoT, smart cities, cyber law, cyber security, cloud computing, etc on the one hand and outlining the procedure to avail the techno legal services of PTLB on the other. Interested stakeholders can avail techno legal services of PTLB after establishing the client attorney relationship with PTLB/Perry4Law. Reading of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is strongly recommended by us in this regard.

In short, if you a national or international IoT or smart city stakeholders interested in doing business in India, it is imperative to subscribe and read the IoT and smart cities forum of India. In case you need techno legal services of TLCOEIOT or PTLB, please feel free to contact us in this regard and comply with the conditions mentioned at the contact point. We would be more than happy to help you in your journey to success.

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