• Sunday, February 03rd, 2013

Cyber security issues in India are increasingly becoming part of Indian policy decisions. The cyber security policy of India is also witnessing this change. One significant shift in this regard can be found in the way India has been planning to use various hardware and software.

India has been pushing use of indigenously made hardware and software. Further, India has also declared its intention to make cyber security awareness brochures in India mandatory for hardware sale. It is clear that India is becoming serious about its national security and cyber security.

There is no second opinion that mobile banking cyber security in India and mobile cyber security in India are absolutely required. Similarly, the decision of Indian government to ban import of mobiles or cell phones in India with fake IMEI numbers is also justified.

We have no dedicated cell phone laws in India or mobile phone laws in India though they are very much required. However, some solace can be found in the form of governmental directions given from time to time.

Taking another step in ensuring mobile cyber security in India, the Indian government has now shown its concern that SIM cards, used by more than 900 million mobile users in the country, can be a major threat to national security as these might have been produced with malicious embedded software.

To ensure security, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has recommended that mobile service providers should manufacture the SIM cards in India with indigenously designed chips incorporating specific laid down standards. The DoT has also recommended that the clause should also be included in the proposed Cyber Security Policy.

The DoT has also proposed imposition of tax on imports of SIM cards till complete indigenous production is ensured. However, mobile companies will have to seek security clearances for such procurements.

Source: Cyber Security Issues In India.

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