Cyber Security Council For India Formulated

Cyber Security Council For India Formulated It has been reported that an Indian cyber security council has been constituted. Although it is a belated move yet it is a good step in the right direction. At Perry4Law Techno Legal base (PTLB) we welcome this step of Indian government.

Cyber security cannot be managed till we have governmental will and public support. We cannot have public support till the government actually takes some concrete steps in the direction of strengthening of cyber security. One such step has been taken by Indian government.

According to the report published by my colleague, the cyber security council of India has been constituted by Indian government. This is a good step in the right direction as such an action was long due on the part of Indian government.

Although this is a modest beginning yet if Indian government is committed this can transform into a major cyber security initiative by Indian government. I am hereby sharing the report of my friend for our readers.

Cyber security of India has finally got the attention of Indian government. Indian government has been announcing many initiatives that could strengthen cyber security of India. Although these initiatives have come late yet this is a good beginning from all counts.

Now it has been reported that the Indian government has launched a new and dedicated wing of the country’s National Security Council Secretariat (NSCC). The function of the proposed wing would be to deal with the growing cyber threat especially those from cyber terrorists.

Cyber terrorism against India, cyber warfare against India, cyber espionage against India, etc are on rise and this dedicated wing can be really helpful in this regard. The wing would coordinate with other existing law enforcement agencies. The objective of the wing would be to keep both public and private computer safe from cyber attack and malicious activities.

The proposed wing would work in the direction of ensuring coordination among various government departments of India so that both national and international cyber threats can be countered. Gradually the wind would be extended to make its initiatives and efforts more holistic and wide.

However, India still needs to stress upon cyber security research and development. Till now we have a sole techno legal cyber security research centre of India that is managed by Perry4Law and PTLB.

PTLB is also managing the exclusive techno legal cyber security training and educational centre of India and techno legal centre of excellence for lifelong cyber security learning in India.

Close association and coordination with expert techno legal institutions like PTLB is the need of the hour. Let us hope that Indian government would collaborate and coordinated with institutions like PTLB to make its cyber security initiatives more holistic and effective.

Source: Cyber Laws In India