Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Agency Of India

Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Agency Of IndiaCritical infrastructure protection in India is of utmost importance in the present times. The critical ICT infrastructure protection in India is an essential part of critical infrastructure protection policy of India.

If we do some research in this regard it is very clear that internet is full of unprotected and unsafe devices, SCADA systems and computers. The healthcare and medical/life sciences industries are under cyber attack and anti virus updates have become a potential tool to install malware. We are living in a very vulnerable cyberspace and India must be well prepared to deal with the same.

There is no doubt that cyber security infrastructure in India is urgently needed. India has declared few initiatives to strengthen its offensive and defensive cyber security capabilities. For instance, a national critical information infrastructure protection centre (NCIPC) of India has been proposed. Similarly, a national cyber coordination centre (NCCC) of India has been proposed to be established by Indian Government. It has also been reported that a cyber security council for India has been formulated. However, till now there is no sign of actual implementation of these ambitious projects.

Further, Indian government is also not getting the correct and true picture of cyberspace anomalies happening in India. For instance, companies and banks in India are not reporting cyber attacks, cyber crimes and cyber frauds to Indian government. Faced with a very fragile situation, Indian government is planning a legislation mandating strict cyber security disclosure norms in India.

We are living in an age of cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, etc. We cannot take cyber intrusions and cyber attacks lightly. We have no international harmonisation and regulatory framework for areas like cyber law, cyber security, cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, cyber espionage, etc. Even the Tallinn manual on the international law is not applicable to international cyber warfare attacks and defence.

Perry4Law Organisation and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) strongly recommend that the critical information infrastructure protection agency of India must be constituted as soon as possible. Further, we also recommend that sector specific computer emergency response teams (CERT) must be constituted in India as soon as possible.

We hope that Indian government would consider these recommendations of Perry4Law and PTLB and do the needful as soon as possible.