Anonymous Failed To Create Any Impact Upon And Disruption Of Israel’s Online Presence

Anonymous Failed To Create Any Impact Upon And Disruption Of Israel’s Online PresenceThe much hyped threat of wiping Israel off the map of the Internet proved to be nothing more than picking up the low-hanging fruits. According to media reports, although few websites were defaced by the Anonymous group yet no significant impact could be seen by the cyber attacks of Anonymous.

 It seems Israeli cyber security professionals were well prepared to deal with the situation or the cyber attacks of Anonymous lacked the razor sharp capabilities. Anyway the net result of the proposed Operation Israel failed to create even ripples much less to cause annoyance and threat to Israel.

 All the websites that were attacked by Anonymous are claimed to be working normally. Israel claims that the scope of the damage to Israeli websites was more or less non-existent. At most, the proposed Operation Israel aimed at stirring a debate over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

 In an insulting statement Israel maintains that Anonymous does not have the ability, nor is it its aim to destroy the country’s essential infrastructure. If it was, it would not have announced it in advance.

 On the contrary, Israeli cyber warriors cracked and compromised the server hosting a major anti-Israeli hacking nerve center. The website,, which was run by the Anonghost hacking group to help coordinate an online attack on Israel, was taken over by an Israeli hacker calling himself EhIsR.

 If this was the first round, clearly Israel won the round. Let us see what Anonymous would do next.