India Is Seen As An Important Player In Ensuring International Cyber Security And Preventing Global Cyber Crimes

India Is Seen As An Important Player In Ensuring International Cyber Security And Preventing Global Cyber CrimesCyber security in India is at its infancy stage. Indian government has realised the importance of a strong and robust cyber security infrastructure of India and very soon the cyber security policy of India would be formulated.

Other nations and international organisations have also understood the growing and indispensable role and importance of India in the cyber law and cyber security fields. For instance, the India US cyber security cooperation agreement was recently signed by the two countries. Even NATO requested cyber security cooperation from India in the past.

Of late, international cyber security treaty and cooperation has received global attention. However, till now we have no universally acceptable international cyber security treaty. There is no second opinion that an international cyber security treaty is required as soon as possible.

In fact, country specific cyber security strategies have been formulated. For instance, US international strategy for cyberspace has been issued by the United States. However, there is no single international legal framework that all nations are required to follow.

This has raised novel situations where national legislations are not sufficient to meet the global cyber attacks. Cyber warfare against India and other countries has increased a lot. Even the Tallinn manual on the international law is not applicable to international cyber warfare attacks and defence. In the absence of international framework, regional cooperations in the field of cyber security are required.

At this stage the role and importance of India in the field of international cyber security must be understood. British foreign secretary William Hague has said that India is important in fight against cyber crime. He maintains that there is lots of important work to be done with India on the issue of cyber terrorism.

UK would work with a wide range of partners, including other governments, international organisations and the private sector, to ensure increased and more effective efforts against the wide range of cyber issues and threats.