Cyber Security Awareness Brochures In India Mooted By Indian Government

Cyber Security Awareness Brochures In India Mooted By Indian GovernmentCyber security awareness brochures in India have been made mandatory by Indian government. The idea behind this move is to increase the cyber security awareness in India among Indian technology users. A legislation mandating strict cyber security disclosure norms in India has also been proposed by Indian government. This is a good move as till now we have no dedicated cyber security laws in India.

Indian government has reiterated its stand in this regard and it has declared that electronic products like tablets, mobile phones and USB devices must come bundled with cyber security brochures in the near future. The objective of this direction is to increase cyber security awareness among the consumers of electronic products.

Regarding the telecom equipments, Indian government has already declared that telecom equipments must be certified by TEC in India before use. A telecom equipments security framework of India would also be prescribed by India very soon. The norms for import of telecom equipments in India would also be prescribed. A national telecom network security coordination board (NTNSCB) of India would also be constituted.

At Perry4Law Organisation and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we welcome the efforts of Indian government to spread cyber security awareness in India. However, there are many more important aspects that must be taken care of by Indian government to spread true cyber security awareness in India.

Meanwhile the department of electronics and information technology (DEIT) has identified five categories of products such as desktops, tablets and mobile phones, among others, that have to comply with the cyber security awareness requirements prescribed by DEIT.  The hardware associations have also been asked to inform their constituent companies to comply with the new directions.