E-Commerce Frauds In India

E-Commerce Frauds In IndiaE-commerce websites frauds, offences and crimes in India have increased significantly. While some are reported yet others are not reported at all because of lack of awareness in this regard.

There is a lack of cyber law awareness in India. The e-commerce websites operating in India must keep in mind the requirements of cyber law due diligence in India and Internet intermediary liability in India.

Internet intermediary laws in India and cyber due diligence must be duly complied with by all the e-commerce websites operating in India. A failure to do so would attract financial, administrative, civil and criminal prosecutions and proceedings.

In the absence of any deterrent law and governmental scrutiny, the e-commerce websites dealing with online pharmacies, online gaming and gambling, online selling of adult merchandise, etc are openly and continuously violating the laws of India, especially the cyber law of India.

However, Indian government has not deemed it necessary to curb the fraudulent and criminal dealings by various e-commerce websites operating in India. The end consumer has to bear the loss due to this indifferent attitude of Indian government.

E-commerce customers in India are also not aware of the legal provisions under which they can book these fraudulent e-commerce websites. Further, there are very few cyber law firms in India that can assist these aggrieved consumers. As a result many e-commerce companies and their directors are still out of the reach of Indian laws.

However, the position is going to change very soon as cyber litigation against foreign and Indian websites is going to increase in India in the near future. It would be in the own interest of e-commerce websites owners to ensure cyber law due diligence in India.