Online Legal Internship, Training And Distance Learning Education In India

Online Legal Internship, Training And Distance Learning Education In IndiaOnline techno legal education and distance learning in India has finally reached India as well. In the foreign countries use of information and communication technology (ICT) for educational purposes is well known and well established. However, India has been slow in this regard. This is more so regarding the legal field where legal e-learning in India is almost non existent.

Legal e-learning in India or legal distance learning in India has not been successful for the simple reason that colleges and educational institutions in India have failed to cope up with the technology. Similarly educational institutions in India has also failed to ensure “online contents management” that is the backbone of e-learning in any jurisdiction.

In these circumstances, it has become important for Indian educational institutions to tie up with foreign universities and educational institutions. As per media reports, MIT is seeking collaborations with Indian institutions in healthcare and education. Similarly, many foreign universities are contemplating opening of campuses and centers in India.

Perry4Law Organisation and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) are world renowned names in the fields of online techno legal skills development, trainings and education in India and abroad. We do not provide any internship but inculcate skills among various students and professionals.

For our online techno legal courses, education, trainings and skills development programs, please visit the e-learning platform of PTLB. The “application form” can be downloaded from Here.

We cover areas like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, cyber crimes investigation, e-discovery, e-commerce, e-courts, online dispute resolution (ODR), etc.

See the students’ enrollment and FAQs segments of PTLB for more details. For payment of the fees, see the payment mechanism of PTLB.

You may contact us for your trainings, education and skills development requirements. Casual queries and non professional communication would be declared spam and blocked from future communications. Further, applications of trainings requests without prescribed application form and fees would also be treated as spam and blocked.

If you are an educational institution, you may contact us for MOU and tie up opportunities.

If you are a professional who believes that she/he is already well qualified, you may consider the option of getting empanelled with PTLB.

If you are interested in legal lifelong learning in India, you may see the continuing legal education institution and centre of PTLB.

If you are approaching Perry4Law/PTLB without complying with the requirements prescribed herein, we would out rightly reject your request and block you from future communication.

This post has been published keeping in mind the enormous interest shown in our skills development and training activities. We have tried to compile all the relevant information at a single place. We hope that this would prove to be a handy source of information to all potential training seekers of PTLB.

We wish all the best to all students and professional in this regard.