Twitter Accounts Of News Organisations Under Cyber Attack: Twitter Is Fighting Back

Twitter Accounts Of News Organisations Under Cyber Attack Twitter Is Fighting BackNews organisations in United States are under constant cyber attacks. Unfortunately, the cyber criminals are also successful in breaching and compromising the Twitter accounts of these news companies. The Twitter accounts of CBS News titled “60 Minutes” and “48 Hours” were compromised. Now it has been reported that the Twitter accounts of the Associated Press have been compromised.

Meanwhile the Twitter team is fighting a tough battle against the crackers. It has been suspending the compromised Twitter accounts till they are restored back. Further, Twitter is also suspending the accounts of those who are attacking the accounts of others.

For instance, Twitter has deleted and suspended many accounts of the Syrian Electronic Army that is behind the cyber attacks against AP Twitter account. The Syrian Electronic Army has, in recent weeks, broken into the Twitter accounts belonging to NPR, the BBC, and others.

It seems the intention of those compromising the Twitter accounts is well beyond mere annoyance. Some of the tweets posted at the compromised accounts are spreading rumours while others are redirecting the viewers to malicious websites.

The latest victims of Syrian Electronic Army’s adventures are the Twitter accounts of FIFA World Cup and FIFA President Sepp Blatter. Let us see how twitter would respond to these cyber threats in the future.