Cyber Security Virtual Campus In India

Cyber Security Virtual Campus In IndiaThe importance of online education and e-learning cannot be ignored these days. Information and communication technology (ICT) has greatly transformed the way we impart and receive education.

Now education and trainings are imparted through a distance learning or e-learning mode and students in one part of the world can enroll to a course provided by an institution located in another part of the world.

At Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we firmly believe that there is a stark difference between academic education and skills development. A majority of educational institutions around the world are imparting just academic courses. They make little efforts to provide actual and practical aspects of their courses.

Any potential cyber security professional must make a choice between skills and degree. This is a difficult choice to make as most of the educational institutions are providing either the skills based trainings or a degree based discourse. Only handful institutions in the world have combined both skills and degree at the same place.

For instance, at PTLB we do not provide any degree or diploma as on date. Of course, we are in talk with national and international educational institutions and universities that have shown interest in collaborating with us. Many professionals and institutions have also shown interest in getting themselves empanelled at our platform. However, as on date we are stressing purely upon skills development and not upon degree and diplomas.

We have been managing the exclusive techno legal virtual campus of India that has been providing techno legal trainings and skills development in the fields like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, cyber crimes investigation, e-discovery, e-commerce, e-courts, online dispute resolution (ODR), etc.

We achieve this task through the exclusive techno legal cyber security e-learning platform of India that is managed by PTLB. The “application form” can be downloaded from here. See the students’ enrollment and FAQs segments of PTLB for more details. For payment of the fees, see the payment mechanism of PTLB.

We have been managing the exclusive techno legal cyber security software repository of India that consists of numerous techno legal software and tools of great importance. Our repository consists of the best and most effective open source software and tools pertaining to cyber security, cyber forensics, malware analysis, penetration testing, websites security analysis, etc.

We hope our initiatives would prove to be useful for meeting the skills development initiatives and efforts of Indian government.

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