Our Services

Perry4Law Organisation is known for its Techno Legal Expertise. Briefly speaking our work starts when both Technological and Legal Aspects are combined and are in picture.

Perry4Law Law Firm manages the Legal Aspects whereas Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) manages the Technological and Technical Aspects of any situation.

Our Techno Legal Services cover areas like Cyber Forensics, Cyber Security, E-Discovery, E-Courts, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), E-Governance, E-Commerce, ICT Policies and Strategies, Legal Enablement of ICT Systems, Intellectual Property Rights Management, Online Brand Protection and Management, Corporate Laws, etc.

In the field of Cyber Security we cater the Techno Legal Cyber Security Requirements of various stakeholders. We ensure that your Policies and Strategies are not only Technologically Sound but also Legally Sustainable.

You may Contact Us for “Professional Assignments”.