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Cyber Attacks And Cyber Crimes Fighting Portal Of PTLB Is Strengthening Indian Cyber Security And Cyber Law

Cyber Security Portal


Cyber attacks and cyber crimes have significantly increased in India. But the cyber security infrastructure of India is lagging far behind. So far we are not even able to manage basic level cyber crimes. To fill this gap, we at Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have launched an online portal where national and international stakeholders can lodge their complaints.

Once the complaint is lodged, we would analyse the same and take appropriate action. We would analyse the case and extend our techno legal expertise to national and international governments and authorities. We would also coordinate with national and international law enforcement agencies so that the case can be resolved in least possible time.

Filing of complaint is very simple. Choose the right category and create a ticket. For instance, if you have faced any cyber crime, select cyber crime category and create the ticket. Similarly, if you have faced any cyber attack, choose the cyber attack option and file the ticket/complaint.

For sensitive information and data, we have created a separate procedure so that privacy, confidentiality and integrity of the information is maintained in best possible manner.

To support this initiative, we are managing few blogs that are spreading cyber law and cyber security awareness in India. We are making people aware about threats of phishing, credit card frauds, customer rights in digital times, etc. We are also managing dedicated blogs in fields like cyber law, cyber security, privacy, cyber forensics, e-discovery, etc.

We encourage all stakeholders to use the online portal as much as possible as silently suffering cyber crimes and cyber attacks is not good for our national in long run. Let us collectively fight against cyber crimes and cyber attacks and make Indian cyber infrastructure robust, resilient and secure.