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    B Singh
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    BJP government started projects like Digital India, startup India, etc with much fanfare but they failed to deliver the desired results as the policies and practices behind them are not only faulty but also illegal and unconstitutional. 

    For instance, Aadhaar project is clearly illegal and Unconstitutional and Supreme Court should Scrap Aadhaar immediately. 

    Similarly, there are private companies behind Aadhaar, India Stack, etc that are minting huge profit at the cost of public money and civil liberties violations. 

    So Aadhaar and its uses are not only unethical but also illegal and unconstitutional. Indians are not bound to follow any of the mandates arising out of Aadhaar and its usages. 

    However, this is not enough. We have to specifically boycott Aadhaar and India Stack so that their poisonous and cancerous policies and crony capitalism can be halted as soon as possible. 

    And the answer to this cancerous problem can be found out of court as any action before the Supreme Court is just like agitating before the government and these crony capitalists. There is no separation of power between Judiciary and Executives as on date and Supreme Court seems to be acting as an extended arm of Executive opines Praveen Dalal.

    Any Bitcoin exchange that is demanding Aadhaar should be boycotted and no trading with such exchange must be undertaken. If need arises, use a foreign Bitcoin exchange that does not demand Aadhaar.

    Similarly, Aadhaar or Indiachain based digital currencies would be extremely risky and hazardous for your privacy and civil liberties. You can also be looted anytime without any dispute resolution and remedy. Stay away from Indiachain and Aadhaar base digital currencies and digital payments.

    PS: We would update this article from time to time. Stay tuned. 

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