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    Almost three years before, we discussed the issue about cyber security obligations of laws firms in India and world wide. The techno legal concerns raised in the previous article are very much applicable to present times. The only difference is that those techno legal cyber security obligations of laws firms have further increased and the complexity and sophistication of contemporary malware and cyber attacks has further increased.  

    Clearly, the cyber security issues for law firms, lawyers and legal professionals are going to be more challenging in the year 2017. Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have also released two cyber security trends in India for the year 2017 for various stakeholders. They can be found at P4LO and PTLB respectively.  These trends are also applicable to law firms, lawyers and legal professionals.

    As far as cyber security obligations for laws firms of India are concerned, most of the law firms are not prepared for the same. Use of disruptive technologies for legal services would further raise issues of cyber law, cyber security, data protection and privacy safeguards.

    Law firms have not only the cyber security obligations but they also have obligations arising out of e-discovery and cyber forensics legal mandates. Indian government has formulate the e-mail policy of India that would be implemented by government officials around the India in future. Such a policy may be required to be followed by all stakeholders, including law firms, in future. The cyber security laws in India may also be formulated very soon that would impose obligations upon law firms to protect the data and information of their clients. Cyber breach disclosure norms in India may also be formulated and made applicable to law firms in near future.

    Even at the international level, law firms are not managing cyber security related obligations in a proper manner. Most of the times cyber breaches are not reported at all and this puts sensitive data of clients at risks. A well planned cyber security strategy for law firms is need of the hour that every law firm must put in place and implement the same effectively and dedicatedly.

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