Digital Forensics Solutions In India

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    Digital forensics is a very wide field and it covers areas like computer forensics, network forensics, mobile forensics, media forensics, etc. Initially, the term digital forensics was used synonymously with computer forensics but as the filed started growing different specialised fields of digital forensics also emerged.

    Digital forensics in India is gaining importance these days. However, being a very new concept there are very limited number of expert firms and organisations that are actually providing expert services in this regard. It seems there is an urgent need of good and effective digital forensics research and training institutions in India.

    Fortunately, one such unique and exclusive effort in this regard can be found in the form of India’s exclusive digital forensics research, training and educational centre. It is managed by Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB).

    It is the exclusive techno legal digital forensics centre that is providing “techno-legal” digital forensics litigation services, consultancy services, research, education, training, KPO and LPO services, etc. Being techno-legal in nature, it can cater the requirements of both technical nature and of legal nature.

    If police officers, lawyers, cyber law professionals, computer forensics professionals, judges, etc wish to have real and effective cyber forensics training, they may consider enrolling at the online platform managed PTLB.

    Further, Perry4Law and PTLB are also providing many techno legal digital forensics solutions in India. These includes e-discovery, cyber due diligence, due diligence for banks in India, etc.

    Source: Techno Legal News.

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