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    India has shown great interest in technology and technology driven projects. Whether it is Internet of Things (IoT) or smart cities, India is all set to explore and use them. India is also exploring other technologies including cyber security products and services, bitcoin and blockchain, cloud computing, etc. 

    Obviously, technology companies cannot ignore India as it is a lucrative business market with tremendous commercial exploitation opportunities. 

    Along with the business opportunities and huge profits, technology companies are also required to ensure that they comply with techno legal requirements as prescribed by Indian laws. It is natural to ignore these compliance at the initial stage of projects as they incur significant costs. However, their continued ignorance is a real bad policy decision that should be avoided by top management. 

    PTLB LPO Discussion Forum is the perfect place to analyse these techno legal issues of IoT. For instance, Legal Compliances for Startups and Entrepreneurs in India could be one field that may interest IoT startups and entrepreneurs in India. Similarly, cyber law due diligence (pdf) is another area that IoT businesses in India need to take care of. 

    IoT businesses in India specially need to take care of data protection (pdf) and privacy protection issues as these issues are now frequently raised in India. 

    So while IoT businesses are welcome to establish their shops and businesses in India yet they must not take Indian laws casually. This is more so when techno legal cyber law and cyber security obligations are there for the individuals and companies to follow. As on date neither the companies nor their directors are complying with these techno legal compliance requirements. Recently even the SEBI was annoyed by this indifferent attitude of organisations towards cyber security and cyber breach reporting requirements of India. 

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