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    Indian Department of Telecommunications would investigate Indian government snooping allegations by Vodafone. Recently, the telecom giant Vodafone revealed existence of secret wires to facilitate e-surveillance by various Governments. It has been reported that even India has been using this service to indulge in e-surveillance. We have no constitutionally sound e-surveillance laws in India (PDF) as on date.

    Whatever the case may be, we need to ensure civil Liberty Protection in Cyberspace for Indian Citizens “At All Costs and By All Means”. The digital life of Indian citizens is not at all safe and is open to various forms of e-surveillance and eavesdropping.

    In the absence of support form Indian Government, Self Defence is the only viable option left before Indian Citizens to safeguard their digital lives. The initiatives titled PRISM Break and Reset the Net are worth exploring in this regard as a “Starting Point”.

    Source: Telecom Laws In India.

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