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Interpol Busts Illegal Online Airline Ticket Transactions Gang Using Fake Or Stolen Credit Cards

Interpol Busts Illegal Online Airline Ticket Transactions Gang Using Fake Or Stolen Credit CardsUse of fake or stolen credit cards for e-commerce or online purchases is very common these days. The cyber criminals steal the credit card details from one jurisdiction and use the same in an altogether different jurisdiction. This makes the task of law enforcement agencies very difficult as conflict of laws in cyberspace are very difficult to manage. Further, authorship attribution for cross border cyber crime is also a big challenge before the law enforcement agencies world over.

Cyber criminals are also using technological means to hide their online tracks. For instance, use of freely available anonymous services can hide the online tracks of cyber criminals. Similarly, dynamic DNS and fast flux and bullet proof servers can also cause trouble for cyber crime investigations.

To counter these inter country cyber crime investigations, law enforcement agencies of the world have joined their hands together and formed the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol). The Interpol assists in investigations that are scattered in multiple jurisdictions.

In one such inter country investigation; Interpol has carried out a massive crackdown on suspicious online airline ticket transactions using fake or stolen credit cards. More than 180 people have been arrested or detained during an operation coordinated by Europol and supported by Interpol at airports across Europe and the Americas to tackle credit card fraud and illegal immigration. A two day operation was carried out on April 8 and 9 involving law enforcement agencies from across the world with support from the European Cyber crime Centre (EC3), the EU border control agency Frontex and Eurojust.

Representatives from 35 airlines worked directly with the EC3, police agencies across the European Union, US Secret Service, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Colombian National Police and payment card companies Visa Europe, MasterCard and American Express to identify suspicious airline ticket sales made via the Internet.

After receiving alerts from airlines of more than 265 suspicious transactions, payment card companies reviewed the transactions using their own financial data systems and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) provided fraud intelligence. Notifications were sent to airports across the world, where police detained criminals attempting to travel using fraudulently obtained flight tickets.