Solving The Conflict Of Law In Cyberspace Using LegalTech And TechLaw

Global TeleLaw

If you ask lawyers and law firms as to how many of them deal in technology related fields like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, e-discovery, artificial intelligence, internet of things, etc, chances are there that not many would answer in affirmative. Now ask how many of them deal in international legal issues of these fields and you would hardly get a handful of lawyers dealing in these fields. This is because of conflict of law as different countries have different laws in these fields. It takes decades of experience and techno legal expertise to manage global techlaw related issues.

We at Perry4Law have more than 17 years of experience in these fields and we can safely say that it is a very complicated legal field to manage. That is why we started this blog at the first instance so that relevant information can be shared in this regard. However, for some time we have been working on other techno legal projects of P4LO and this left us little time to share information regularly. Now that our legal entities like PTLB Projects LLP and TeleLaw Private Limited (PTL) have been registered and they have been duly recognised as LegalTech, TechLaw and EduTech Startups by both DPIIT and MietY, we are back to our initiative spreading public awareness on various techno legal issues.

To get best result our of this exercise, we launched a dedicated portal named TeleLaw Project  so that national and international stakeholders can be best assisted. The TeleLaw Project is covering techno legal fields like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, privacy and data protection, human rights protection in cyberspace, artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data, machine learning, etc. Also the portal is covering techno legal services for both Indian laws as well as laws of all other jurisdictions. For instance, if you need legal assistance for cyber law related issues in United States or United Kingdom, you can safely rely upon our techno legal services.

Our idea is to provide comprehensive and holistic techno legal services to national and international stakeholders. That is why we are providing our assistance from the stage of contract drafting to online dispute resolution. Our solutions and services cover not only traditional litigation but also the pressing requirements of contemporary corporate law practices. These include e-discovery, cyber law, cyber security and civil liberties issues too.

We also believe that a majority of global population is deprived of qualitative legal services and they lack access to justice and access to qualitative legal services at affordable cost. The TeleLaw Project is also meeting these objectives if a reference is made by selective national and international stakeholders. We at P4LO and PTLB can also give such a reference and once that is given, our qualitative techno legal services would be provided at affordable rates. However, those who can afford and those seeking the services that require considerable efforts and manpower, would be charged at normal rates.

So do not be afraid of conflict of law issue anymore. If you have a client in your jurisdiction that requires techno legal services in another jurisdiction, TeleLaw Project is your friend and partner to serve that client. We look forward to collaboration and investment in our TeleLaw Project from global stakeholders.