G-Mail Must Be Banned In India As It Abets And Encourages Commission Of Cyber Crimes

G-Mail Must Be Banned In India As It Abets And Encourages Commission Of Cyber CrimesElectronic mails (e-mails) have become indispensable part of our daily life. Both private individuals and government departments use e-mail for personal and official purposes. However, when it comes to use of e-mail facilities of service providers like G-mail, things become complicated and there are many Laws of India are violated by both government department users and the service providers like G-mail.

Cyber criminals are using e-mail services of companies like Google whose G-mail does not provide the source of the communication. Google is also very fussy about providing information about cyber criminals even if there are clear cases of doing so. Fortunately, the Delhi High Court is presently seized with a case that would scrutinise the e-mail policy of India.

However, the long term interest of India warrants that G-mail should be banned in India not only for governmental purposes but otherwise as well as G-mail abets and encourages commission of cyber crimes and cyber contraventions in India. G-mail not only masks the Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) of a cyber criminals that makes it impossible to trace an IP Address without Google’s assistance but Google also insists upon following of non Indian laws for providing even basic level information. Till the time the entire legal process is over, the damage is already done by Google/G-mail.

Google is openly violating the laws of India by using the façade of conflict of laws and Indian government is taking Google lightly. We need to have techno legal framework in India so that companies like Google cannot take Indian laws for a ride. We also need such techno legal framework so that child pornography can be curbed to the maximum possible extent in India.