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Lawful Interception In India Missing

Lawful interception of Internet, mobile and other
technology related communications is a big challenge for Indian
government. Indian government is trying to do the same that can best
serve its interests. However, in its zest to ensure technology
communication interceptions in India, Indian government is landing up
in doing “unlawful interceptions”.

The lawful
interception law is needed in

Privacy Laws In India

We have no dedicated privacy laws in India and data protection laws in India. Naturally, this is a troublesome and undesirable situation. The supreme court of India has interpreted Article 21 as empowering Indian citizens with right to privacy in India.However, despite this constitutional protection, various governmental projects in India are opening ignoring Article 21 and are clearly violating

Techno Legal Decryption Solutions By PTLB

A Government Panel has recently given its opinion that Encrypted Services in India would not be banned even if the Intelligence agencies cannot “Intercept” these Encrypted Communications. This would not be pleasant news for Home Ministry of India and Intelligence Agencies of India who now have to acquire Techno Legal Intelligence Gathering Skills to deal with Encrypted Communications.Home

Cyber Crisis Management Plan Of India

Crisis Management is an important aspect of planning and management of any project or eventuality. If we have a proper Crisis Management Plan, losses of lives and property is minimised to a great extent. We have Crisis Management Plans in India against floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities. However, are we prepared for Cyber Crises in Indian Cyberspace?India has formulated a Crisis