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Phone Tapping Law In India

Phone tapping laws in India is in real bad shape. Rather, it cannot be properly termed as a valid and constitutional phone tapping law. The Indian telegraph act 1885 carries few provisions under which the Indian government and its agencies can tap phones in India.However, these provisions and outdated law are clearly in violation of constitutional provisions and constitutional safeguards. As on

Abuse Of State Secrecy And National Security: Obstacles To Parliamentary And Judicial Scrutiny Of Human Rights Violations

The Council of Europe has issued many important and far reaching resolutions and notifications in the year 2011. One such important resolution is titled as abuse of state secrecy and national security: obstacles to parliamentary and judicial scrutiny of human rights violations. This is in addition to the concerns shown by the European Council regarding cyber attacks and political pressures upon

Indian Research And Analysis Wing (RAW) Granted E-Surveillance Powers

Indian government is in controversies these days. Controversial functions like e-surveillance in India, websites blocking in India, Internet censorship in India, etc are performed by Indian government and its agencies without any procedural and constitutional safeguards and without any constitutionally sound legal framework supporting these functions.India does not have a constitutionally sound

Intelligence Gathering In India Is Unconstitutional

Intelligence gathering and fighting terrorism are essential national security and sovereign functions. They cannot be equated at par with other governmental functions. That is the reason why every country provides some extra protection and immunity from public scrutiny to such functions.None can doubt that Indian counter terrorism capabilities need rejuvenation. We have an obvious but

Cyber Law On Social Media And Networking Sites In India

Social media and networking sites have a crucial role to play. Now even governments across the world acknowledge this importance of social media websites. India is one such country that is currently trying to deal with social media sites. However, we have no dedicated social media laws in India. It has even been reported that guidelines for social media contents monitoring in India would be

Cyber Laws All Over The World Are Becoming Unreasonable And Oppressive

Cyber Laws all over the World are intentionally designed to violate civil rights like privacy, speech and expression, etc. They are also intentionally formulated to facilitate “Internet Censorship” and “E-Surveillance” beyond the legitimate limits of “National Security”. This approach is more dangerous and is detrimental to the national security in the long run.The Google’s episode regarding