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Law Enforcement Intelligence In India

Law enforcement intelligence is an area largely unexplored in India. Till not the law enforcement agencies of India are predominantly relying upon traditional methods of intelligence gathering and investigations. There is no doubt that these traditional methods would always remain useful; and nothing can substitute them. However, information and communication technology (ICT) can further

Crime And Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) Project Of India

Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) Project Of India (CCTNS Project) is a very ambitious project of Indian government. It is the most comprehensive modernisation and reformative initiative of government of India to streamline law enforcement in India till date. The project is in its initial stage and it may face both technical as well as legal challenges and civil liberties

Law Enforcement In India Needs Techno-Legal Solutions

Modernisation of police force and establishing the supporting infrastructure for better policing and quicker responses to crimes, cyber crimes and national crises like terror attacks requires a techno-legal approach. Neither technology nor legal framework alone is sufficient to tackle these issues. However, absence of either law or technology would also fail any initiative that intends to

Use Of ICT For Legal And Judicial Reforms In India

ByPraveen DalalThe Bar Council of India (BCI) and Law Minister Mr. Veerappa Moily are all set to bring legal and judicial reforms in India. Although the steps taken by both BCI and Moily are great yet they are clearly shying away from use of information and communication technology (ICT) for legal and judicial purposes.The BCI failed to provide an online platform where legal education and exams

India Should Not Use SaaS For Crucial Governmental Functions

Software as a Service (SaaS) is in media reports for long. SaaS is a web-based version of proprietary software that performs computing on its servers on behalf of the client. Cloud computing is one of the most famous forms of SaaS. It is projected as a panacea for many infrastructure related problems and cost saving. While cloud computing has considerable cost benefits but it has drawbacks as

The Extra Steps That TOR Users Must Take

ByPraveen DalalThe “Decloaking Engine” invented by HD Moore was one of the most effective ways of showing how exit nodes of TOR system can sniff the unencrypted, plain text and insecure information and data passing through it. A malicious or e-surveillance capable exit node is the weakest link of the privacy and security chain of a TOR user. However, the problem is not with the TOR’s system as

Linux On The Top

ByPraveen DalalLinux is synonymous with open source and free software movement. The name “Linux” comes from the Linux kernel, originally written in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Linux being technical in nature, users were shying away from using the same. The proprietary software also played a major role in the limited growth of Linux as these proprietary software are more easy to use than command based