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India’s Premier Book On Cyber Forensics In India

Cyber Forensics is an important field that is gaining importance in India. However, there is very scarce Research Material on Cyber Forensics in India. Further Techno Legal Research Material on Cyber Forensics is even lesser.Keeping this in mind, the First Edition (September 2010) of Exclusive Techno Legal Book on Cyber Forensics in India has been published by Perry4Law/Perry4Law Techno Legal

Draft Electronic Delivery Of Services Bill 2011

ByPraveen DalalThe Draft Electronic Delivery of Services Bill 2011 (EDS Bill 2011) is a recent legislative exercise by the Central Government of India. The EDS Bill 2011 intends to provide delivery of Government services to all citizens by electronic means by phasing out of manual delivery of services delivered by the Government including matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.It