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Cyber Crimes Investigation Training In India

Modernisation of police force of India requires not only basic knowledge of information and communication technology (ICT) but also practical trainings in the areas like cyber law, cyber crimes investigation, cyber forensics, etc.Cyber crimes investigation capabilities in India are not up to the standards. Law enforcement agencies of India need to develop good techno legal cyber skills to improve

National Cyber Security Policy Of India

The recent cyber attacks upon India have proved once again that we need to pay more attention to cyber security in India. Cyber security in India is required not only to protect sensitive information stored in the computers of strategic Indian departments and ministries but also to safeguard the present and future critical infrastructure of India.Not only critical infrastructure protection in

Cyber Attacks Are Affecting Indian Critical Infrastructure

These days information and communication technology (ICT) has become an indispensable part of our day to day life. Many critical infrastructures have now been connected with ICT in one form or another.This is the reason why we need to ensure critical infrastructure protection in India and critical ICT infrastructure protection in India. We also need to strengthen the cyber security of India and

E-Commerce Laws In India

Information and communication technology (ICT) has changed the way we make our commercial transactions. Even payments for such online dealings and transactions can be made through an online mode. One such commercial use of ICT is electronic commerce.Electronic commerce in India (E-commerce in India) has slowly and steadily entered the Indian market. Toady from tickets booking to purchasing of

Indian Centre For ICT In Parliament

World over parliaments are becoming aware of the benefits of information and communication technology (ICT). India is also following the pursuit. However, the use of ICT by Indian parliament is very limited and traditional in nature.For instance live telecasting of the proceedings of parliament, maintaining of websites by parliament, etc are some of the examples where ICT has been used by Indian

Online Commercial Arbitration In India

Arbitration is a cost effective and expeditious dispute resolution mechanism. A majority of commercial disputes are resolved through the mode of arbitration. International commercial arbitration has also become an emerging trend these days. Generally, an arbitration clause is incorporated in various contracts and commercial contracts that prescribe resolution of a future dispute through

ICT Research And Training Centres In India

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a specialised field that requires good working knowledge and expertise. ICT covers many areas like ICT legal framework, cyber security, cyber forensics, e-learning, e-commerce, e-governance, electronic services delivery, digital preservation, etc.Further, ICT is no more technological in nature these days. Today ICT has to take care of both

ICT Training Institutes In India

Information and communication technology (ICT) has transformed the way we live in today’s environment. All aspects of our day to day life have ICT as an essential component. ICT has also transformed the way trainings are imparted for various professional courses.These days training, education and courses are imparted in an online environment through e-learning method. Skills developments are also

Legal E-Learning Courses In India

E-learning has changed the entire game of education providing in India. In a country like India, qualitative and timely education is very difficult to find. Universities, colleges and educational institutions of India are not only overcrowded but they are also following the traditional and old academic model.This has sacrificed practical trainings and skills development in India to a greater

Electronic Warfare Would Be The Norm In Future

Electronic warfare is assuming the centre stage in the present day’s warfare. Signal intelligence (SIGINT) is often combined with electronic warfare to make it more effective. Incidences of use of technology for electronic warfare and SIGNIT are on rise.For instance, approximately two years before, the Pentagon fixed a security breach that allowed insurgents to hack into data feeds from pilotless

Jeff Radebe Denies Regulation Of Blackberry’s Messenger Services In South Africa

Research in Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry Service is under fire and facing E-Surveillance Regulations in various Nations. Of course, this is a “gross lack of understanding” of Technology and a “futile exercise” to control the same.India is one such Nations that believe that E-Surveillance is better than and a substitute of Cyber Security. India seems to be a country that believes that an Internet

Indian Social Media Framework And Guidelines For Government Organisations

Social networking has become a phenomenon these days. India has a staggering numbers of social networking users that is constantly increasing. Social networking is an equivalent of real life associations and groups. Sooner or later India would require considering this social phenomenon as it would touch all the aspects of Indian culture and life.

Till now we have no social media policy in India.