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Online Dispute Resolution Services Are Growing

International online dispute resolution (international ODR) is no more a fiction. With growing disputes being resolved through an online mechanism, ODR has also assumed significance. ODR has significant advantages over not only traditional litigation methods but also against alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms.International community is working really hard in the direction of

Surveillance of Internet Traffic In India

E-surveillance in India is no more a secret as Indian government is openly engaging in e-surveillance activities. This is despite the fact that an unregulated and unguided e-surveillance is violating the civil liberties protection in cyberspace in India.Now e-surveillance is proposed to be expanded to even mobile infrastructure. The cell site location based e-surveillance in India is also in

Yahoo Took Indian Government To Court Over E-Surveillance

E-surveillance in India has become a big nuisance for intermediaries like internet service providers (ISPs), e-commerce sites, search engines, e-mail providers, etc. The liability of Internet intermediaries for copyright violations is also well known that has further increased the troubles of intermediaries in India.Intermediaries liability for cyber law due diligence in India has become very

Data Privacy Laws In India

Privacy rights and data protection are essential for protecting civil liberties and commercial interests. We do not have a dedicated privacy law in India as well as data protection law in India. There is no second opinion that privacy laws in India and data protection law in India is needed.Privacy rights and laws in India have been ignored for long. Privacy rights in India in the information era

Are Indian Satellites Safe From Cyber Attacks?

Cyber attacks and cyber espionage by one nation against another are very common these days. Though nations are attacking one another through cyber intrusions yet none of them come forward to accept the same. Whether we like it or not but cyber attacks and cyber espionage would continue to be used by various nations against each other.This process is a part of traditional strategic information

Indian Legal Workforce Needs To Be Skill Driven

Practical training and skills are two of the most important attributes of a successful and highly paying career. These attributes are also the most commonly absent essentials of various educational courses. As a natural result, almost 75% of the educated masses are either unemployable or simply not suitable for the relevant jobs.Even Indian companies are facing shortage of skilled workforce to

National Cyber Security Policy of India Is Needed

Cyber security policy and strategy is an important aspect of national security. Till now we have no national security policy of India. There is no second opinion about the fact that national security policy of India is required and the sooner it is drafted and implemented the better it would be for India.In fact, national security of India is affected by turf war that is putting the entire

Indian Defense And Security Against Cyber Warfare

Of late, India is increasingly targeted for cyber espionage, cyber warfare, cyber terrorism and many similar cyber attacks. Indian response to the same remained lukewarm. Obviously the news of sophisticated Malware targeting Indian critical infrastructure is no big surprise.For instance, some claim that Stuxnet Malware was responsible for the destruction of an Indian broadcasting satellite.