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Laws For Opening Of Online Pharmacy Store In India

Online pharmacy is a complicated and legally risky field. This is so because the online pharmacy stores must comply with the legal issues in e-commerce in India besides complying with laws pertaining to online pharmacies in India. Perry4Law has already … Continue reading

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Encryption Laws In India

The present world of information technology cannot be visualised without the element and use of encryption and encryption related services. Still India has been able to achieve this task though this is no achievement. This is a regressive policy that … Continue reading

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Payment Gateway And POS Terminal Services Cyber Law Due Diligence In India

Payment gateways and point of sales (POS) terminal service providers have to comply with very peculiar and complicated set of laws in India. Perry4Law has been receiving consultancy and regulatory compliance support related service requests in these fields. In the … Continue reading

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Encryption Laws And Regulations In India Need Clarity

Anybody serious about his civil liberties in cyberspace would be using encryption and encryption related services to maintain integrity and confidentiality of his data and communications. World over countries are facing tough challenges to maintain a balance between civil liberties … Continue reading

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Mobile Payment Market In India Booming But Legal Compliances Still Missing

Foreign investors are increasingly investing in technology startups in India. Many of these startups are e-commerce ventures with very good idea that have been successfully implemented. Foreign investors keep in mind the accounts of these e-commerce and technology ventures to … Continue reading

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Apple Removes Blockchain Application From Its App Store Due To Bitcoins And Other Legal Concerns

The legality of Bitcoins is in severe doubt in many countries of the world. Even in India the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has clarified that the use of Bitcoins in India is legally risky. Thus, the Bitcoin exchanges operating … Continue reading

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Legal Risks For Websites Companies Developing E-Commerce And Online Gaming Websites In India

We at Perry4Law have been receiving numerous legal consultancy requests regarding e-commerce and online gaming industries and their related fields. We are also helping domestic and international e-commerce and online gaming companies in establishing their e-commerce and online gaming websites … Continue reading

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Encryption Laws, Regulations And Compliances In India

Encryption is a very useful utility and tool of the present times. It keeps personal information and sensitive details out of the reach of preying eyes and big brothers. It also causes nuisance for the law enforcement and security agencies … Continue reading

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M-Health Projects And Businesses In India Lacks Regulatory Compliances

The present times are very interesting for entrepreneurs exploring technology related projects and businesses. Online businesses and e-commerce ventures are on rise in India. The motto of these online businesses seems to be launch first and legal compliance later. This … Continue reading

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Centre Is Sitting Over E-Mail Policy Of India Says Delhi High Court

Delhi High Court is presently seized with many crucial issues pertaining to foreign technology companies and their business operations in India. One such issue involves use of private e-mail services of foreign companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc by Indian … Continue reading

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