Illegal Online Pharmacies And Healthcare Websites In India Need To Be Curbed

Illegal Online Pharmacies And Healthcare Websites In India Need To Be CurbedPharmaceutical and healthcare industry is fast flourishing in India. However, in the race to establish an e-business as soon as possible, almost all of the online pharmacies, ayurveda and nutraceutical websites in India have failed to comply with the respective laws in this regard. As a result these online pharmacies, ayurveda and nutraceutical websites are operating in an unregulated manner in India.

Regulatory authorities of India have started taking note of this precarious condition. As a result online pharmacy websites have come under regulatory scanner and their prosecution and punishment may also be possible. The Maharashtra FDA has approached DCGI for regulating illegal online pharmacies operating in India. Similarly, the Hyderabad drug authorities are also keen on regulating illegal sale of drugs through online mechanism.

We have specified laws for opening an online pharmacy store in India. Even the Ayurvedic and Nutraceuticals e-businesses are required to comply with the prescribed Indian laws to operate legally.

Even in foreign jurisdictions, Indian online pharmacies are under scrutiny. For instance, United States shut down 1677 illegal online pharmacies websites that were not in compliance with US laws. Illegal online pharmacies are also on hit list of Google and federal authorities of US.

More such actions would be there in the near future and in order to escape criminal prosecution and exorbitant fines, Indian online pharmacies must comply with laws of India as well as foreign jurisdictions. Similar requirement applies to Indian Ayurvedic and Nutraceutical websites as well.

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