Delaware And Nevada Signs Pact To Allow Both States To Play Online Poker Against Each Other

Delaware And Nevada Signs Pacts To Allow Both States To Play Online Poker Against Each OtherOnline poker is passing through an interesting phase in Unites States (U.S.). However, it is still to be seen whether online poker would be banned or allowed in U.S. New Jersey has reported a good beginning for online gambling within the state. On the down side, Merge Gaming suspended online poker accounts in New Jersey and Delaware for security reasons.

Now it has been reported that Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval on Tuesday signed the country’s first gambling agreement that will allow people in both states to play online poker against each other. ┬áThe governors described the agreement as the first of its kind and said they hoped other states, like New Jersey would join.

The technology is not yet developed, so it will take some time for multistate online poker to be up and running, the governors said. But the agreement signed Tuesday gets “the legal piece” taken care of, Markell said. The agreement with Nevada, currently limited to poker, is “a natural next step to make sure our gaming industry remains on the cutting edge,” Markell said. A bigger pool of players will be more attractive to potential players, Markell said. People would need to be physically present in either state to participate, no matter where they live, the governors said.

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