Online Poker Laws In India Are Flouted By Poker Websites

Online Poker Laws In India Are Flouted By Poker WebsitesPerry4Law is frequently asked questions like is it legal to play online poker in India? We are also frequently approached regarding the legality of opening an online poker website in India. There is no straight forward answer to this complex question. The truth is that opening of an online poker website and playing online poker in India may be both legal and illegal depending upon the facts and circumstances of each case.

There are no dedicated online poker laws and regulations in India. However, online poker activities are governed by multiple laws of India and all of them need to be duly complied with to run a legal online poker activity. Most of the online poker websites in India are violating Indian laws and may be prosecuted as well in the near future. This is partly due to lack of awareness and partially due to indifference of Indian government to bring suitable policy reforms in this field.

The laws and regulations for online gambling and online gaming in India are scattered under different statutes. Similarly, the laws pertaining to online poker are also scattered under different legislations.

We believe that opening of a legally sustainable and legal online poker website in India is a continuous process. One cannot simply start a website and offer online poker games in India. The ultimate test of legality of an online poker website in India is whether it is complying with different applicable laws of India. This, unfortunately, is not happening presently and like Bitcoins the online poker websites may found themselves on the wrong side of law very soon.