Legal Online Gaming Zone Has Been Recognised As A Startup By MeitY

Online Gaming

For all the stakeholders interested in online gaming and online fantasy gaming fields, we would like to share some new Techno Legal Projects that have been launched by us recently. These include the startups recognised by both Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) and MeitY Startup Hub like TeleLaw Private Limited (TPL) and PTLB Projects LLP. A dedicated portal has also been launched by us as TeleLaw Project that is now catering Techno Legal requirements of global online gaming community.

However, this is not the end of the story. We have launched a dedicated startup for online gaming fields named Legal Online Gaming Zone that has been recognised as a LegalTech and technology startup by  MeitY Startup Hub. Legal Online Gaming Zone is also part of the projects of both TPL and PTLB Projects and so it has a startup status even as per DPIIT standards.

A dedicated portal would be launched by us in this regard very soon and to cater the Techno Legal requirements of national and international stakeholders, the TeleLaw Project would provide its Techno Legal services. So the proposed portal would be a single place resource for global gaming enthusiastic.

This would also encourage Indian and foreign investors to invest in India gaming related startups and companies as legal uncertainties around online gaming industry of India would be tackled by us on behalf of the online gaming industry.

We hope all stakeholders would find the this project useful .