Merge Gaming Suspends Online Poker Accounts In New Jersey And Delaware For Security Reasons

Merge Gaming Suspends Online Poker Accounts In New Jersey And Delaware For Security ReasonsA few days before we covered a story titled will online poker be banned or allowed in the United States of America? The article covered the contemporary online gaming and gambling environment prevalent in U.S. Some states in U.S. have already allowed online gaming and others may also be contemplating doing the same. A good start for internet and online gambling in New Jersey has already been reported.

However, online gaming enthusiastics in U.S. are also facing technical and legal difficulties. According to Poker News Report, this weekend, hundreds of online poker players in New Jersey and Delaware tried to log in to play poker on their Merge Gaming skin (Carbon Poker, BetUSA, Sportsbook etc.) and discovered that their accounts had been suspended for “security reasons”.

After several players had contacted their site’s customer support, it became clear that the accounts were being suspended “as per restrictions set in your state” with no prior warning and with no procedures in place to facilitate the withdrawal of players´ bankrolls.

This is a scary situation that has been created due to inadequate and improper online gaming and gambling laws in various states across the U.S. For instance, if players have deposited cash or its equivalent like Bitcoins at an online poker website or a platform like Merge Gaming and the site/platform suspends or deletes any account, there is no mechanism to get the refund in such a situation. It seems the online poker players have to read in between the lines and fine prints of terms and conditions of various websites/platforms to approach only those online poker websites that are fair and legal risk free in their dealings.

It is claimed that Merge Gaming is complying with the legislation that was introduced to regulate online poker in New Jersey and Delaware, which explicitly prohibits the operation of an unregulated online gambling site. Recently, ISPs in United Kingdom refused to display warning pages for unregulated online gambling websites. However, stakeholders in U.S. seem to be more compliant in this regard.

On the other hand, the Indian online gaming industry is maturing and it is even legal to play online poker in India if proper laws and regulations have been complied with. Even Cubeia is exploring Indian online gaming market with additional payment options. For instance, Cubeia would support Bitcoins for its business to business poker network and it may explore this possibility in India as well.

A new trend in the field of online gaming and gambling industry is to accept Bitcoins as an addition payment mechanism. However, the legality of Bitcoins is still not clear in many jurisdictions.  Even the Bitcoin exchanges and Bitcoins websites operating in India must comply with Indian laws to be legal. International online gaming enthusiastics and entrepreneurs must explore Indian markets for their legal playing pleasures and ventures.