Indian Farmers Must Not Use Any E-Commerce Website, Online Services Or Contract Farming Agreement Without ODR Clause Of ODR India Portal

Indian consumers, farmers and other stakeholders are living in unpredictable times. On the one hand Indian economy has collapsed due to faulty policy decisions like demonetisation, GST, etc whereas on the other hand India is facing an increased unrest. Due to faulty policy decisions, both manufacturing and service sectors have already collapsed. Now the only remaining occupational segment agriculture is facing turbulent times due to recent farm laws.

Indian farmers are demanding guaranteed minimum support price (MSP) for their crops but this is just part of the problem. A bigger problem is contract farming and related agreements that farmers would sign up in near future. We at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) have been suggesting for long that farmers must have an equal bargaining power while signing such agreements.

Startups of P4LO like AFPOH and TeleLaw can help Indian farmers in this regard if they wish to avail online services of some other third party or wish to enter into a contract farming agreement. No need to worry as we have solution for that problem as well. Simply negotiate inclusion of an ODR Clause of ODR India Portal before seeking any service or entering into any contract with such third parties. We can help in multiple ways to ensure that. You can always e-mail us or chat with us online and we would help you in getting relevant ODR clause for your services or causes.

Once the ODR clause is part of your dealing, third party service providers/private companies cannot cheat you, fool you or treat you with impunity. Our ODR Clause would bind them to resolve your dispute using our ODR methods. If a third party service provider is not willing to use the ODR Clause, be cautious as your rights and interests may be in jeopardy.

So start using the ODR clause and we would always be with you in your hard times and disputes. We would charge reasonable fees based upon the amount involved in the dispute and we would always resolve your dispute in most expeditions manner.

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