NFTs Of Streami School

Streami Virtual School is the exclusive school of the world that is teaching its students techno legal subjects, including about digital assets, crypto assets, non fungible tokens (NFTs), etc.

We believe in collective growth and revenue sharing for our crypto assets like NFTs. DM our Twitter handles or contact us if you can sell our NFTs and crypto assets unconditionally and without any prior commitment from our side.

We do not list our NFTs for promotion at any platform and we sell our NFTs on fixed cost or bid/auction basis that is clearly mentioned at each NFT put for sale.

We treat offers of listing at platforms and queries about price of our NFTs as spam and block such social media accounts. So mention your share/fees for selling our NFTs in advance and avoid blocking from our side.

All our NFTs are original and are absolutely owned by us. We do not believe in any form of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) violation and we expect such high standard from our buyers as well.

See NFTs Of Streami Virtual School for more details.