About Us

Streami School is the First Virtual School of India and is being managed by PTLB that has been in online education and virtual campuses/school field for decades. Streami School has broken the traditional vicious circle of education failure in India and has revolutionised online school education forever.

Streami School has become synonymous for qualitative, innovative, futuristic and techno legal global school education. We have developed a plethora of online learning resources that are unique, matchless and have the distinction of being available at Streami School alone. No other school of the world is providing techno legal online education of such magnitude and significance as Streami School has been doing.

If you wish to be part of this revolutionary and historic project, Contact Us with your investment or collaboration proposals. Avoid casual and exploratory communications as they are treated as spam communications by us. Only serious people, institutions and communications are entertained by us.