Investors Corner

Techno legal projects of P4LO and PTLB are ground breaking, revolutionary and historic in nature. They are always ahead of their time and curve and have the potential to be global leaders. This has attracted lots of investors in the past and more would approach us in future. It would be appropriate if we list out the per-requisites for successful investment making in startups and projects of P4LO and PTLB.

To begin with, we are not at all interested in registering at any website, incubator, accelerator, etc and we are looking for a direct and immediate investment proposal from selective global investors alone. So if your terms of investment include any of the above mentioned methods or channels, we are not interested and you need not to contact us at all.

Secondly, the minimum investment proposal must not be below a sum of 5 Million USD to confer suitable preferential investment right in favour of the investor. If this amount is provided by a consortium or collective of investors, we would communicated with a single person in this regard and all our dealings with such single person shall be conclusive and final in nature. The preferential investment right shall also be conferred upon that single person. In exceptional case, we may accept an amount below the threshold but in that case there would not be any preferential investment right in favour of that person or institution.

We are accepting investments for our startups on an unconditional basis i.e. there should not be any condition or term attached to the investment proposal. If the proposed investment is conditional or based upon some formality, we would not entertain such proposal and blacklist the investor for lifetime. In short, invest first and talk later is the rule. Do all your due diligence, research and home work before contacting us and asking us to explain to you about our projects or startups as a condition to invest would debar you and blacklist you forever.

We would presume that if you are contacting us to invest in our startups or projects, you have already pre-approved the 5 Million USD investment amount in lieu of a preferential investment right in future. Your initial contact with us would fortify this assumption and you would be required to give an in principle approval along with your initial communication so that we can share our bank details with you. If you are not comfortable in giving an in principal approval while contacting us, it would be better if you do not contact us at all because that would be treated as a spam communication by us and may result in your blacklisting for lifetime. So either be fully sure or do more research and due diligence to become sure and then contact us.

We would not offer any shares, equity, assets, Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), etc to the investor investing the minimum amount of 5 Million USD. Such an initial investment shall be on a non-stake basis and in lieu of such investment we would confer a preferential right to invest in future in the concerned statrtup to the concerned investor. No such preferential right to invest in future would be granted to an investor who invests an amount lesser than 5 Million USD.

In short, the initial investment of 5 Million USD shall be Unconditional, Pre-Approved and on a Non Stake basis and for such an investment the concerned investor shall have a first right to invest in the concerned startup in future.