Conflict Of Laws In Cyberspace

Conflict Of Laws In Cyberspace is a unique Techno Legal initiative of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO). It covers Techno Legal aspects of national and international importance. We have unique and highly specialised Techno Legal experience and expertise of more than two decades.

As the global economy is transforming into a digital economy, it is imperative to create a holistic and comprehensive Techno Legal framework for national and international stakeholders. Conflict Of Laws In Cyberspace Blog of P4LO is doing exactly that.

We have created a unique, holistic and comprehensive Techno Legal framework that can be safely used by global stakeholders. This framework and ecosystem is entirely online and stakeholders residing in different countries and jurisdictions can safely and comfortably use it from the comfort of their homes and offices.

The first pillar of this framework is the TeleLaw initiative of P4LO that has been providing Techno Legal services to national and international stakeholders. Any individual, company, NGO, govt organisation, international organisation, etc can seek its Techno Legal services online. We have kept the procedure very simple and using simple methods and tools like e-mails, social media, chats, etc, the Techno Legal services of TeleLaw can be availed of by global stakeholders.

The second pillar of this framework is the unique Techno Legal E-Courts project of P4LO where national and international organisations and govt officials can coordinate and collaborate to ensure a transparent, fair, reasonable and accountable judicial system. Global law enforcement agencies can also coordinate and collaborate at this portal.

The third pillar of this framework is the exclusive Techno Legal Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Portal of the world by P4LO. ODR Portal of India was launched in the year 2004 at various websites of P4LO from time to time. It was shifted to a dedicated website of its own and now the ODR India Portal is available to global stakeholders.

The fourth pillar of this framework is the unique Techno Legal online skills development and training by PTLB and PTLITC. They are managing Techno Legal Skills Development of global stakeholders from K12 to Lifelong Learning stages for more than a decade. For instance, Streami Virtual School is a unique Techno Legal skills development initiative of P4LO and PTLB for school students. Similarly, PTLB is managing the graduate and post graduate level skills development and PTLITC is managing higher education and lifelong learning stages.

We have also created the exclusive Techno Legal Social Media and Professional Networking Portal of the world named ODR connect. Our Twitter handle is also spreading awareness about Conflict Of Laws in Cyberspace. Our YouTube channel on Conflict of Laws in Cyberspace is a very rich source for videos in this field. Global stakeholders can also hear the podcasts of Conflict Of Laws In Cyberspace for contemporary and futuristic aspects of conflict of laws. Our LinkedIn Company Portal is also discussing interesting Conflict Of Laws In Cyberspace issues.

As you can see, P4LO has established the exclusive Techno Legal Global Framework regarding Conflict Of Laws In Cyberspace. We are also open to suitable Collaboration and Investment proposals from global stakeholders. Investments must be Unconditional, Pre-Approved and on a Non Stake basis and for such an investment the concerned investor shall have a first right to invest in the concerned startup in future.