Minimum Support Price (MSP) For Crops Of Indian Farmers Must Be Ensured By All Govts

Minimum support price (MSP) has become a bone of contention these days between Indian govt and farmers. A massive stir was organised recently and we at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) recommended scrapping of the controversial farm laws and reenactment of better ones. Fortunately, Indian govt accepted such suggestions and scrapped the farm laws resulting in ending the stir. However, the issue of MSP is still not resolved to a great extent.

Indian economy is not in a good shape and the Covid-19 pandemic has made the situation worst. Despite the glorious image portrayed by the media, the real position at the ground level is really bad. In such situation introducing private players in the agriculture equation is bound to raise eyebrows.

The govt has also failed to persuade farmers that MSP would be available to them and their protests are natural. Mere promises would not help India anymore and we cannot revive Indian economy on the basis of slogans and empty promises. We need real and effective steps to be taken urgently that must be implemented at the ground level by various stakeholders.

On papers we have MSP but at the ground level farmers are not getting even a price that can cover their initial investment. Once the crops are ripen, they cannot be withheld by farmers and they have to be sold as soon as possible. This is the reason why many middlemen are exploiting them. Practically, they have just two options, i.e. either sell their crops and products at throw away prices or destroy them. Not surprisingly, many farmers have decided to choose the latter option and this is happening for many years in India.

We have startups like TeleLaw and AFPOH that are helping Indian farmers in a Techno Legal manner. TeleLaw is providing them online legal help and if any person is not giving them MSP for their crops they can approach TeleLaw online. We would help them in getting MSP for their crops using techno legal methods.

AFPOH India is a digital companion and digital gateway for Indian farmers. It is helping various stakeholders for diverse fields and purposes. It is helping stakeholders to upgrade their skills, imparting education, ensuring access to justice (A2J), export and import of their products and services, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), etc.

As a matter of fact, with these two startups in place the MSP issue is a non issue as any person not getting MSP can contact us online from any part of India and we would help him/her/it. Stakeholders can contact us at Twitter, e-mail, using online chat at our blogs, etc and we would help them in resolving their problems using techno legal methods.

So if any govt fails farmers we at P4LO would not fail them.

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