AFPOH Startup Is The Digital Companion And Digital Gateway For Indian Farmers

Indian farmers are unorganised in nature and when it comes to technology they are even less prepared. That is why our techno legal startup AFPOH is helping Indian farmers in various manner. From simple tech assistance to export of their produce and products, AFPOH is planning something really big that would revolutionise the lives of Indian farmers.

AFPOH has been helping Indian farmers on the fronts of online legal services and dispute resolution, education, skills development and trainings, export and import assistance, establishing marketplaces and e-commerce portals, etc. More techno Legal services are in pipeline that we would discuss very soon.

Farmers and rural communities can contact us through e-mail, WhatsApp, phone, chats, social media portals, etc. So there are vast number of options that are available to farmers and rural communities to contact us and get our help.

Farmers and rural communities can get our techno legal assistance for legal consultancies or for interpretation of any existing or future laws like recently repealed farm laws. Our startups would ensure that interests of farmers and rural communities are safeguarded in best possible manner.

Farmers and rural communities can get our techno legal assistance for drafting and vetting of their contracts for contract farming or as entered with private companies or with e-commerce portals. We would ensure that rights of farmers and rural communities are adequately safeguarded in such contracts.

Farmers and rural communities can get our techno legal assistance for upgrading their knowledge, skills and education. We would train them in techno legal fields like artificial intelligence, drones, machine learning, e-commerce, cyber law, online banking, etc.

It is not possible to cover all techno legal services in a single post but it is sufficient to say that with basic Internet connection and a basic model smart phone, farmers and rural communities can have access to world class techno legal services on the most affordable rates.

Contact us at perry4law(at)rediffmail(dot)com or at our Twitter accounts. Leave us a message or tweet and we would contact you back with help.

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