Digital Village Project Of Modi Government Failed Miserably Says Visionary Praveen Dalal

Digital India project of Narendra Modi Government is yet to take off as right now it is just on books and is part of political rhetoric only. Actual Digital India implementation is still missing even in October 2022. However, the objectives and components of Digital India are very promising and can make India a Global Leader for Digital Economy. What is required is removal of bureaucratic hurdles and development of political will to actually implement various projects under Digital India.

One of such projects is Digital Village project. We are not talking about the political jargon that is often found in the media where a village is adopted and declared as a digital village. We all know the condition of such adopted digital villages in India. They are in ruin and they have nothing digital about them. This has happened as Indian Government was more interested in browny points that actual growth and development of India. For the past 8 years, Modi Government has failed on all fronts of economic development.

Let By Gones Be Gone and let us focus upon coming 5 years after 2024 that can be used by Modi Government or any new govt to transform India into a Digital Economy. We at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) are very much interested in rural empowerment, farmers’ empowerment and empowerment of rural communities. We have already ensured digital empowerment of rural communities and global farmers through our Techno Legal projects and initiatives.

The implementation plan for Digital Village is good, at least on paper and till now. This a a very ambitious and expertise oriented project and AFPOH is committed to extend its Techno Legal expertise for Digital Village project.

Education and skills development are crucial for rural development and empowerment of rural communities. Streami Virtual School is the first virtual school of India and first Techno Legal virtual school of the world. It would provide free education to marganilised students so that they can become competitive and self sufficient. PTLB and PTLITC would manage higher education and lifelong learning fields for such students.

Similarly, TeleLaw Startup is empowering Indian and global farmers with Techno Legal digital empowerment initiatives. ODR India Portal has provided Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) services to global farmers.

So from basic education to export of the agricultural produce of Indian farmers, P4LO has truly empowered them digitally. World´s best Techno Legal services and expertise is now available at the click of a mouse from the comfort of their homes.

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